As business processes drive every organization, proper understanding and optimization of these processes are fundamental to the creation of real business value. VEA delivers structure and expert guidance for the entire process lifecycle: project management, change management, workshop facilitation, training, governance, and effective program communication.



Create strategic dashboards—or mashups—in just minutes. Combine data from different internal and external sources for easy, fast analysis. The Web 2.0 approach enables your teams to work together to develop and use these real-time dashboards. Make static tables and rigid reports a thing of the past. Create graphical, interactive, easy-to-understand dashboards, transforming business data quickly and easily into business mashups. Integrate data from all kinds of sources, inside and outside your company in real-time—and more.

The collective knowledge of your employees is, ultimately, your greatest asset. So make sure your employees have the knowledge they need by getting them the right information in the right context. ARIS Business Publisher is a process tool that guarantees flexible, low-cost availability of process information or IT architectures.

The business processes developed by your organization must be easily available for your architects and their customers. VEA Solution Accelerators guarantee results for the continuing success of your BPM and EA initiatives. VEA offers comprehensive product for developing, managing, and optimizing a flexible data architecture that efficiently supports any enterprise information initiative.

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