VEA provides comprehensive strategic solutions to optimize our clients’ competitive business advantage. We understand the complex business challenges facing organizations today and offer a powerful blend of market-leading business knowledge and technology expertise.



Visual Enterprise Architecture (VEA) delivers strategic services and solutions for enterprise frameworks, governance, process intelligence, application portfolio management, and Enterprise Architecture. Our process management best practices ensure agility, flexibility, and prioritization of key initiatives to achieve results throughout the BPM lifecycle. We enable our clients to develop internal partnerships and accelerate the practice of business process management.

Only real-world experience guarantees results for the success of BPM and EA programs and projects. The VEA approach combines practical, repeatable, cost-effective plans for aligning strategic objectives, process architecture, business process performance, and information management to optimize people, resources, systems, and technology to achieve business success.


VEA delivers the key to business process improvement throughout the entire process lifecycle. From design to implementation and monitoring, we enable you to succeed with your Business Process Performance initiatives and drive your competitive advantage over the marketplace. With its powerful integration, management and synchronization capabilities, the ARIS platform improves results during process blueprinting and realization. VEA’s expertise working with model-to-execution technologies such as ARIS for SAP is invaluable.


VEA provides extensive solutions for you to manage your business strategy, processes, information, people, services, applications and technology architecture. Driven by the ARIS Platform, the VEA solution enables our clients to analyze the vital relationships between each of these components and, more importantly, how they directly impact their path to success. The VEA Solution Accelerators for Enterprise Architecture, with our Business Reporting package, will best service your EA Program requirements. Our consultants always provide the services and solutions that deliver results.


VEA empowers your teams and improves their ability to deliver value and results for your organization. We offer various options for training on the ARIS Platform. Our clients’ needs and their level of expertise drive our knowledge transfer services. The first step is to deliver a foundation of understanding for using ARIS tools and the VEA solution.Follow-up training builds on these initial concepts to cover advanced ARIS topics, including Reporting and ARIS for SAP. VEA trainers are Certified ARIS Professionals (CAPs) who understand that the path to success rests in training for results.


VEA Solutions are designed for clients who demand success through continuous business and technology improvements that are well defined, measured, and repeatable in an effort to meet strategic goals. Our approach begins with an architecture, a technology and project framework for the long-term success of your programs and initiatives, and continues through program and project management. Our structured decision-making approach to enterprise architecture and business process performance aligns strategic decisions with organizational objectives.

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